Severely injured at Devil's Mountain (2024.05.25.) - ordoghegy 20240525 1

A middle-aged man suffered severe injuries on the tourist trail leading to the Remete Cave at Devil's Mountain. The man with the open fracture was rescued through the Remete Valley.

The Börzsöny Mountain Rescue Service was alerted by the Pest County Disaster Management Office on Saturday at 14:30 that a man had suffered an ankle injury near the Remete Cave.
The mountain rescuers were conducting demonstrations and activities for children at the Children's Day celebration in Szokolya, but immediately set off towards the Remete Cave upon receiving the alert. Simultaneously with the Börzsöny Mountain Rescue Service, the Kismaros Volunteer Fire Department and the Nagymaros Volunteer Fire Department also began to march, who were also conducting activities at Children's Day celebrations, and a professional fire brigade unit was also dispatched from Vác.

At the height of the Dömös crossing on Highway 12, the Nagymaros and Kismaros units were the first to arrive, who began to approach the injured through the valley towards the Yellow Ω sign on foot, followed later by the arriving mountain rescuers and professional units from Vác.

The volunteer units from Nagymaros and Kismaros, who arrived first, determined that the middle-aged man had an open ankle fracture. With the arriving mountain rescuers and professional firefighters from Vác, the injured man was stabilized and prepared for transportation.

Severely injured at Devil's Mountain (2024.05.25.) - ordoghegy 20240525 2

At the scene, the Börzsöny Mountain Rescue Service assembled the specialized UT200 wheeled mountain rescue stretcher and began transporting the injured along the Yellow Ω trail. The rescue was hindered by the rain that started in the area, making the paths even more slippery, and later the weather became stormy with hail.

Severely injured at Devil's Mountain (2024.05.25.) - ordog hegyi rescue map

The Nagymaros and Kismaros Volunteer Fire Departments, the professional firefighters from Vác, and the Börzsöny Mountain Rescue Service collectively made efforts in the extraordinary weather conditions and difficult terrain to transport the injured to the Remete Valley and then down to Highway 12. Beforehand, however, the injured had to be transported across the railway tracks, then down a very steep iron staircase to the road, where the National Ambulance Service took over the injured man and transported him to the Vác Hospital for further treatment.

Severely injured at Devil's Mountain (2024.05.25.) - ordoghegy 20240525 4

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